Monday, September 7, 2020

Top 5 Automatic Content Generator / Online Article Generator 2

  Top 5 Automatic Content Generator / Online Article Generator

4 . Article Generator Pro

Online Auto Content creator - Best Article Generator

Article Generator Pro is a simple and easy to use online content generator. It creates the content mostly suitable for generating essay, research paper, academics, students and also for bloggers & websites.

If you want to use the content for SEO and monetary gains from website, then we advise you to choose anyone from top three, not this one.

It creates unique content and also claimed to be passes the copyscape test. Unlike SEO Content Machine & Article builder, it is extremely easy to handle. Content could be spun completely i.e. 100%, and that makes the spun article unique.

Pros and Cons:

– As simple & easy to operate as Article Forge & Articoolo.

– Creates well spun & unique content, which passes copyscape test.

– Great content generator tool for academic writing like essay writing & research paper, small paragraph writing, reviews etc.
– Not much useful for you, if you need content for SEO writing & commercial use.

Subscription plans:

There are intelligently designed three plans – monthly, yearly and lifetime plans in $19, $99 and $199 respectively.You may choose the same as per your utility.

5 . SEO Content Machine

Online Auto Content creator - Best Article Generator

The standard of content SEO Content Machine, creates is good. SEO Content Machine, regularly analyze your search engine marketing content to understand what’s effective and what is not. Regularly updated content is thought to be one of the greatest indicators of the relevance of a website, so make sure to be sure it stays fresh. You may also generate content specific to your nearby region.

When you make a report, you’re given the option to create an exceptional or readable article. Another way to make a post is SCM’s Article Downloader. To begin with, you have to choose which format you would like your articles to be exported as.

It is a tool that makes content creation extremely easy and fast with good results. It also gives you the ability to scrape articles without any spinning involved.

SEO Content Machine, offers one thing, which others don’t! SCM can create the content in almost all languages. On the other hand, rest of the auto content/article creator tools can handle 5-6 languages only.

Pros & Cons:

– Covers almost all major languages (48 languages), biggest positive of SEO Content Machine. No other online content generator is able to create content in so many languages.

– Multiple sources of content from internet.
– Content is not perfectly human readable.

– Most of the time, a lot of edit work is required.

– Most of the time content could not be used directly into your post.

Subscription plans:

SEO content machine has a couple of different pricing structures that you are able to pick from. Recommended plan is Perpetual, which comes with Lifetime access & 1 year free updates in $147.

SEO Content Machine offers monthly plan in $27/month, Quarterly plan in $28.50/3 months (50% Off on $57), Yearly plan in $118.00/year and Perpetual plan in $147 with Lifetime access, which Comes with 1 year of free updates. But there is catch in perpetual plan – second year onwards, updates are paid and costs $80 a year. Still this is the best deal one can get from SEO Content Machine.

FAQ on Article Generator

What is an automated content generator?

An automated content generator is a software or an online tool, which uses its intelligence and searches the most relevant content over the internet. Further, it auto-spin or rewrites it, by using its intelligence. It not only searches the relevant content but also structures the sentence. Moreover, it also designs the complete article.

What is ai powered content generator?

AI content generator is by and large the same thing, but differ by the degree of using its own intelligence. These tools are developed by using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. The more advanced the tool is, the more accurate, relevant, and fast it will be.

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